What is Luxury Plus Travel?

We define Luxury Plus as an Unpretentious Notch or two above traditional luxury travel.

As an example, we don’t believe in using base rooms at the top local hotel. Our guests prefer the larger upgraded room or suite that offers a spectacular view, and/or other enhanced experiences.

Everything in our DNA is about providing our guests with the ultimate journeys through our destinations. A level of personal service starts from your first contact with us, and continues with the excellent guide who enhances every travel day.

Luxury Plus

Not Luxury Plus

Luxury Plus Travel includes: 

Travel Your Way: All our recommended journeys can be tailor-made to fit the individual preferences and desires of the clients. Our bespoke approach to your preferences allows us to carefully craft your journey to suit your interests, pace, and style. 

Curated Luxury Plus Lodging: The accommodations are more than just luxurious; they are carefully selected to provide an unparalleled experience without going over the top. The emphasis is on offering unique, memorable stays that go beyond standard luxury. 

Exclusive Services: Luxury Plus services are tailored to the needs of the guests, ensuring a personalized and seamless experience. The focus is on offering meticulous attention to detail, privacy, and personalized care. 

Limited Availability: Due to limits on the availability of our preferred lodging and guides, we are limited in the number of guests we can guide in our destinations at one time. This ensures that each guest receives personalized attention and that  

Exotic Destinations: We focus on a few select destinations, ensuring that we only offer the best in those locales. Our destinations are exotic, offering unique landscapes, cultures, and experiences. They are chosen for their beauty, rarity, and the exceptional experiences they can provide. 

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