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About Our India Culinary Journeys

We offer the finest Indian Food Tours on our planet. Period. On these journeys your culinary experiences will be guided by some of the top-ranked chefs in India, who, besides orchestrating your cooking lessons, will also be available afterward to answer questions and give recommendations and tips. Visitors to India are usually not aware that most of the nation’s best chefs work at the ultraluxury resorts, palaces, and hotels where you will be staying.

One of our goals on our Indian Food Tours is to acquaint you with the ancient Indian art of slow cooking. We focus on regional produce, fruits, and ancient grains as ingredients because they are the freshest and best options. You will learn how the addition of various spices during the cooking process does way more than just add flavor and color; it also has many health benefits and aids in digestion, among other things. And you will learn that Indian food is not supposed to be hot, unless you ask for that!

Yet another goal is to give you an overall holistic Indian culinary experience that encompasses what most Indians eat. We feel that this cannot be achieved by just learning about and eating India’s royal cuisines. You will also learn about and eat delicious street food, prepared with extreme hygiene in the kitchens of your luxury lodging, and you will enjoy these meals in their fine dining restaurants, or at special venues on their premises.

We do not believe that a chef accompanying you throughout your culinary journeys really helps – no single chef can have an in-depth knowledge of food from all over the country because of the incredible diversity of cuisine from one region to another. Your culinary experiences will be with expert chefs who are based in each region and have developed a deep understanding of the local cuisine over an extended period of time.

You will be escorted throughout your journey by one of India’s best Expert National Tour Director Guides, and they will know quite a bit about Indian Food and regional specialties, but they are there mainly for the cultural and historical experiences that are part of your Indian Food Tour.

Although we do not believe this will happen, if you feel hungry at a time when an included culinary experience is not imminent, there is a selection of fine dining restaurants at almost all your hotels, including different world cuisines. Their all-day dining restaurants offer a large selection of excellent comfort foods, both Indian and western. If your hunger strikes while touring, your Tour Director Guide will make recommendations based on your preferences.

Alcoholic beverages are not included in our culinary journeys, but your hotels, palaces, and resorts have large selections of the highest rated wines and spirits from all over the world. Sommeliers are available at your hotels to recommend ideal pairings of both western and Indian wines with your meal.

There are a few regions in India that produce world class wines. As an example, multiple varietals from Sula Vineyards have won a lot of international accolades. Whisky and rum made by Amrut Distilleries are both notable examples of high-quality spirits, and their Amrut Fusion Single Malt and Old Port Rum are both excellent. Indian wines and spirits are also worth trying as they are a better value due to the additional taxes on imported liquor.

India also has some very good lagers, with Kingfisher and Kingfisher Ultra (light) being excellent options. Regular bottled drinking water is provided throughout your visit, as well as during your culinary experiences.

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